Are you searching for new YouTube video concepts to create on your channel? Our list can provide you with many selections to stay you busy for a short time.


Even if you are AN intimate YouTuber WHO ran out of video concepts or you are simply obtaining started on YouTube and do not grasp what to try to for your initial YouTube video, you are within the right place.


In the following list, you will find YouTube video concepts suited to numerous forms of channels.


I separated all the concepts into sections, therefore, you’ll jump right to the categories of videos you are fascinated by. Still, I recommend you’re taking a glance at the full list. you’ll realize concepts that area unit additional well-liked surely niches, however, they’ll inspire you to adapt them to your videos in an exceedingly distinctive manner.


  1. initial YouTube video concepts

I know however arduous it’s to urge started as a result of you are over obsessing over your initial YouTube video plan. that is why I created a class with YouTube video concepts for beginners you’ll begin with. detain mind that there is no excellent initial video. simply obtain an inspiration that appears attention-grabbing to you and begin recording. the foremost necessary issue is to urge started.


Make a welcome video


What’s your YouTube channel progressing to be about? Share it along with your attainable viewers. this may additionally assist you dead set attack a precise niche.


Introducing yourself


It’s your initial video. Why not let folks learn a small amount concerning you. WHO area unit you? Why area unit you on YouTube? this can be a straightforward YouTube video plan you’ll begin your channel with.


Channel Intro


On your channel, you have got the choice of setting a channel intro that shows to viewers that aren’t signed, however. And it is the best follow to possess one. you’ll begin your journey by creating a fun intro.




If you are wondering about promoting your YouTube channel with ads, you’ll shot a video advert. you do not need to pay plenty for ads. Bid AN quantity of cash you’ll afford investment within the commencing to drive a small amount of traction to your channel.




Even though I do not advise you to focus only on vlogs, they’re well-liked and ideal for brand new YouTubers to urge won’t to video creating. you’ll begin with vlogs and blend issues up within the future.


Share your opinions


You have robust opinions concerning completely different topics. Share them.


How-to video


Do you typically get asked by friends however does one do a precise thing? justify it in an exceeding video.


Tips & Tricks


Giving {tips on|recommendations on|tips concerning} one thing you recognize about is one of the most effective initial YouTube video concepts. You have already got the knowledge and therefore the video is simple to create.


Some DIY


If you are a foxy individual, this one’s excellent for you. DIYs area unit fun, easy, and inventive YouTube video concepts. to not mention, the probabilities area unit infinite.


Make an admirer video


If you are too nervous to be ahead of the camera for your initial YouTube video, having an admirer by your aspect can ease the struggle. Here is AN example of a funny video Jenna Marbles did with an admirer.


  1. Fashion & beauty YouTube video concepts

Fashion & beauty area unit a number of the most popular topics on YouTube straight away (and can most likely be for an extended time). I’ve to place them along as a result of, well, they are going hand in hand. If you own a YouTube beauty channel, here’s a listing of the most effective beauty guru video concepts.


Haul video


You know those videos wherever folks share what they bought? These simple YouTube video concepts area units extremely well-liked within the fashion niche. Next time you get home from a searching spree, take your time to record a video.


Get ready with American state


This is one of the foremost well-liked YouTube video concepts for the wonder niche. Record yourself whereas preparing for work/school and share it along with your audience.


Favorite merchandise


There area unit plenty of beauty merchandise out there, and there is continually AN interest in their reviews. folks opt to see product reviews from real folks instead of simply reading the product’s description. Reviews are sensible YouTube video concepts if you would like to create cash from affiliates links.


Favorite covering things


You positive have some covering things you will not disclose with the value of your life. Let your followers grasp what things area unit the foremost precious to you.


Your basics


Everybody has some basic covering things sort of a white and a black high to travel with any shirt, a try of black pants, a white shirt convertible for business environments. Show yours.


Talk about your vogue


What causes you to dress the manner you do? What conjures up you? If you are assured in your vogue and there is a purpose behind it, your followers can appreciate giving them additional insights. Here’s AN example wherever Emily Lee talks concerning her vogue journey in time. Her followers’ area unit was extremely excited to listen to additional concerning her vogue.


  1. school YouTube video concepts

With all the innovation going down lately, there is no marvel why the school YouTube channels area unit extremely well-liked. From real school enthusiasts to amateurs maintaining with however the globe evolves, folks need to understand wherever technology is headed. If you are one among the school addicts, you will find video concepts for your YouTube channel below.


Review merchandise


Device’s reviews area unit a hot topic. particularly if the devices area unit new on the market and exclusive. you’ll begin by reviewing your portable computer, PC, or phone.


Show your laptop


Tech enthusiasts have the interest to find out other’s gear specs. Show yours. this can be the best initial YouTube video plan for school niched channels.


Talk about specs

What area unit the most effective specs for gaming? however regarding photograph editing? Show your data on the topic and teach others the way to select their computers that supported their desires.


Performance summary


Test your computer’s performance in several applications and games. this is often however differents compare their own computer’s performance to computers with other specifications.


Favorite gadgets


Did you purchase a bit of drug that modified your life? say it during a YouTube video.


Tech news


In the school world, there is invariably innovation happening. Be up so far with the news and share your thoughts.


Latest hardware/ processors/ graphics


Tech folks area unit was invariably curious about knowing what area unit the newest releases. particularly if they’re gamers and you say graphics cards.


  1. gambling channels video concepts


Raw footage

Sharing raw footage of your gameplay isn’t as participating as AN emended footage, however, there area unit folks trying to observe it. And it’s straightforward to try and do, requiring no work on your half. Just play, record, and share it.


Game reviews


People area unit trying to find reviews before shopping for one thing, and this is often conjointly true with games. Teach viewers regarding the options, pros, and cons of a game.


In-depth reviews


Opposed to typical reviews that target those who did not obtain the sport nevertheless, in-depth reviews area unit going to gift a game as careful as doable for those that area unit taking part in.




Best of luck together with your new Youtube Channel! I hope to envision you on trending soon!

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